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Types of Retirement Villages & Accommodations in NZ

Retirement villages by sources of funds

There are two different types of retirement villages, and the difference between the two can significantly impact both the cost and quality of service the village provides. Resident-funded villages often have better amenities, while donor-funded villages are considerably cheaper.

Resident-funded villages

Most luxury lifestyle villages in Auckland are resident-funded, meaning they are owned by a private company and run off of payments made by residents. In resident-funded villages, you buy, rent, or reserve the right to occupy a dwelling. The money you pay is then used by the company which owns the village to pay costs, provide amenities, organise events, and make upgrades to existing facilities.

Resident-funded villages are designed to turn a profit, so they are more expensive than donor-funded villages. However, they also tend to provide a higher standard of living and offer more opportunities to interact with other members of the community.

The Botanic resident-funded village exemplifies this by providing a well maintained, natural environment with both private and community areas. The beautiful surroundings and high-quality service we provide is supported by residents’ payments, allowing us to provide a thriving community scene.

Donor-funded villages

Donor funded villages are often run by non-profit organisations and rely on funding from exterior sources, such as trust funds, grants, donations, and government funding. Retirement village costs in New Zealand can be a concern for some, and donor-funded homes allow those with reduced finances to still receive the quality of care and sense of community that a retirement village provides.

Donor-funded retirement villages still provide many of the services that resident-funded villages do. For instance, you can still expect to access healthcare, have assistance with meals, and attend community events. However, the nature of donor-funding means that money is spent on services more sparingly, and so might not be of the same quality as a resident funded village.

Types of properties in NZ retirement villages

Different people require different levels of care. Those who don’t require assistance with tasks can choose to live in an independent village, which is much like any gated community. You have full privacy while still enjoying the safety and sense of community a retirement village offers, and you can easily access additional care when required.

If you require a little assistance to keep up with day-to-day tasks, assisted living can provide you with the help you need to remain independent. This can make an enormous difference in your quality of life, leaving you the time and energy to achieve your own goals and enjoy your favourite activities.

Independent living choices


Villas are self-contained houses much as you’d see in any street in the suburbs. You have your own kitchen and bathroom, and often have additional guest rooms for when friends and family come to visit. Some villas also allow you to keep pets in your own home, and you’ll often have a garden or backyard to yourself.


Townhouses are self-contained houses which share walls with other townhouses. You’ll still have a private kitchen, bathroom, and additional bedrooms, but you may have a smaller yard area. Some people find it comforting to know that there are others nearby, and a townhouse provides company without compromising on privacy.


Apartments allow for a more communal style of living, where you have your own apartment but also can access communal kitchen and living areas. This is great if you enjoy the company of others and require less space. The Botanics’ luxury retirement apartments are some of the best in New Zealand, with spacious, stylish rooms and excellent on-site care.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are small apartments, and often have a kitchenette, lounge, and sleeping area in one room, as well as a private bathroom. These are ideal if you don’t need much storage space and prefer to spend most of your time away from your room. They are also often more affordable, and with the right setup and decor, can be delightfully cosy.

Assisted Living (serviced apartments)

Assisted living is almost always available exclusively in apartments. When you require help with day to day activities, it’s important to be in an area where you can interact with others on a regular basis. Apartments are also much easier to keep clean, require less upkeep, and are near communal dining and activity areas.Assisted living often involves daily housekeeping, meal service, laundry services, assistance with minor medical issues such as wound dressings, and optional safety check-ins. The Botanic strives to provide the highest level of care of any retirement village in Auckland, with well trained personnel overseen by experienced managers.

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