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Top 6 Senior Outdoor Activities in Silverdale

1. Walking and enjoying nature

Silverdale lies just south of some of the most beautiful, well-maintained tracks in Auckland. Wenderholm regional park is home to a number of gentle walking trails that allow you to enjoy the sights of the coast for an hour or two, and the Puhoi Scenic reserve walk near Ahuroa Road is an hour and a half of beautiful walking track through the forest.

Alternatively, you could enjoy the sights of sculptural artwork by some of New Zealand’s top artists before sampling some of the excellent food and drink options on the Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture track. This track does require a small entry fee, but it is well maintained and showcases native forest, quiet pasture, and water lily filled ponds.

2. Picnics

Why does food taste so much better when eaten outside? The simple fare of homemade sandwiches and a thermos of tea or coffee can be transformed by sharing the experience with friends and family in a scenic location. Those with limited mobility can enjoy a lazy afternoon outdoors in the sun with friends, and those returning from one of the beautiful walking trails in the area can relish the satisfaction of an outside meal.

Many of the parks and reserves in the area also have playgrounds suitable for children, so the whole family can enjoy a day out. Picnics are an excellent way to bring people of all ages and mobility levels together to enjoy three of the greatest joys in life: Nature, food, and good company.

3. Gardening

The act of planting something and protecting it until it provides you with the rewards of your effort is a simple pleasure which has brought joy (and food!) to people for thousands of years.

Raised beds and planters make gardening much easier, and narrow plots means that you won’t need to spend so much time leaning over your work. Gardening can be a meditative task to enjoy by yourself, or an excellent social activity. In 2024, we plan to open new community gardens at our Hibiscus Coast retirement village.

4. Spending time with your grandchildren

This can be combined with a number of other activities on the list, after all, it’s generally a good idea to have an activity to let the little ones blow off some steam. Spending time with your grandkids gives them memories they will treasure for a lifetime, and allows you to pass on helpful knowledge (as well as giving the parents a break!).

As well as hiking, picnicking, and gardening, minigolf is an excellent family friendly activity for school aged children. Gloputt Silverdale is a riot of colour, with mini courses that have a range of difficulties. For the more active kids, Auckland Adventure Park is a great way to allow them to run around while you catch your breath. Not all of the rides are open all days of the week however, so check to make sure that their favourite rides and playgrounds are running before you visit.

Many outdoor activities for children are fully booked and busy during school holidays, so make sure to book in advance. Theme parks and other attractions with queues are best saved for weekends during the school term.

5. Golfing

Minigolf might be an excellent way to spend time with the grandkids, but some adults prefer the relaxing atmosphere of the golf park. Golf provides a quiet, not too vigorous activity where you can escape the noise of the city and enjoy a gentle walk among the well-manicured landscape. The Botanic retirement villages in Auckland have a number of golf parks nearby, so you can try your skill on different courses.

Part of the joy of retirement is having the option to visit relaxing activities during the quieter times of the day, and there’s nothing like having the course to yourself and your friends.

6. Reading outside

It may not be the most glamorous or adventurous of activities, but don’t overlook the serenity that can be provided by finding a comfy spot amongst beautiful scenery, and settling down for a good read.

Our Silverdale retirement village provides beautiful, safe, and natural gardens where you can enjoy the latest in your favourite series, but the Hibiscus Coast is full of scenic spots where one can settle down with a cushion and read. Bring a favourite paperback, no batteries required!

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