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5 Tips for Choosing a Retirement Village in Aotearoa New Zealand

When you or a family member are looking for the perfect retirement village, there are always a number of considerations. In this blog, we have compiled a short list of our five top tips for evaluating a retirement village, helping you to find the best retirement villages in Auckland.

Five key factors and tips to evaluate a retirement village:

1. Does the village’s lifestyle suit you?

Before you invest your capital into a retirement village, make sure you are clear about what kind of lifestyle you are seeking. Are you after urban access to be close to the grandkids? Would you prefer a sheltered getaway closer to nature? Do you feel at home in an apartment, or would a grander-sized villa suit you better? These kinds of questions help to narrow down the search.

2.  Choose the level of care that matches your need

What level of care do you require? How about in a year, or five years? 

It is important to recognise early on that one’s care needs change, including but not limited to mobility, getting out of bed, assistance with dressing and or medication. To prepare for these kinds of changes, check whether the retirement village offers home care services and if it will be building or offers residential aged care to hospital level. Additionally, ask if there is an intention to care for people with cognitive impairment

3. Keep in mind the costs

Depending on a resident’s needs and the type of accommodation, the cost of living in a retirement village varies widely. Since investing in a retirement village home will generally require selling your home and/or tapping into superannuation funds, it makes sense to get acquainted with potential costs before moving in.

Generally speaking, residents pay an entry fee upon joining the village. The entry payment includes a deposit and capital payment and grants the resident the right to live in the village for the rest of their lives or until they no longer wish to live there. This payment also covers access to all the amenities in the village as well as covering maintenance costs. The latter is a point to check because that is not always the case in all villages.

In addition to the capital cost, there is a fee to cover the general operation of the village. This fee is sometimes fixed for life and in other villages it may be reviewed periodically. Any services and or care services that are required by the resident will need to be paid on a user pays basis. Please check to see how these services are charged.

4. Consider the quantity and quality of staff

As in all workplace environments, it is the people who really make or break a place. With this in mind, consider the calibre and ratio of staff at the retirement village. While generally, most retirement villages are of a high standard, don’t rely on hearsay. Pay a visit to the village. Are the staff friendly? Are they able to assist you in answering all of your questions, and are they prepared to go the extra mile? 

Getting this kind of information helps to give you and your family peace of mind before moving into a retirement village, providing evidence for the level of care which will be provided. 

5. Talk to residents and get involved in village life

Last but not least, dip your toes in the water and speak with residents onsite. Retirement village residents will arguably give you the best representation of village life, and will also offer social support if you ultimately choose to move in. Take note of what your intuition says about your visit. Do you feel like you’ve found “your people”? Speaking with residents can usually be arranged directly with the village, or by attending an annual Open Day, so take this opportunity to see what village life may hold for you.

Choosing The Botanic – luxury retirement village

When it comes to lifestyle, The Botanic luxury retirement village in Auckland has you covered. Boasting stunning beaches, integrated natural design, endless recreational opportunities, and a convenient locale with shops and services nearby, The Botanic caters to nearly all lifestyles to be desired.


With an on-site Care Home offering care from rest home to hospital level as well as specialised memory care, professional health services are always available to residents at The Botanic. 


When becoming involved in village life at The Botanic retirement village, you may find yourself hanging out in downward dog at yoga, or perhaps hanging out by the pool! Alternatively, try the seasonal cuisine at the onsite cafe-restaurant with friends, visit the gym, or enjoy a morning in the veggie patch. With so many options available, the decision on a retirement village really hinges on what kind of retirement lifestyle you are seeking.

Get in touch

Located in the relaxed suburb of Silverdale, The Botanic enjoys easy access in and out of both Auckland city and Northland. If you or a family member are interested in a fulfilling retirement by the beach, contact us—the Hibiscus Coast retirement village—and we will happily arrange for you to pay us a visit.

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